• Siddiq Ismail

    Among the top most Naat Khawans that Pak­istan has ever pro­duced, the name of Haji Sid­diq Ismail occu­pies an emi­nent space. Sid­dique Ismail was born on 10th Feb­ru­ary 1954 in Karachi. He started his career in 1965 through children’s pro­gramme named Buchon ki dunya. Mr. Sid­dique Ismail holds the honor of being the first ever Naat Khawan on PTV. He has per­formed numer­ous Naats and is rec­og­nized at national and inter­na­tional lev­els. Sidiq Ismail valu­able con­tri­bu­tion in the field of Naat Khawani earned him many a national and inter­na­tional awards includ­ing the most pres­ti­gious, the Pride of Performance.

    Sid­dique holds the honor of being the first and also first famous Naat Khawan on TV chan­nel. He has per­formed num­bers of Naats and is rec­og­nized at national and inter­na­tional lev­els. Sid­dique Ismali was also travel many coun­tries and attends many of the Mahfel-e-Milad. He was also known as the best live per­former among the all Naat khuwan.

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